Welcome to Security Farm!

Security Farm was designed to complement your collection and analytical tools, such as Security Onion (no affiliation).

It consists of the following four configured tools:

-Request Tracker

The VM itself comes with a script to set up and manage Security Farm. It will:

-Perform the initial configuration

  • Interface IP address
  • NTP
  • Configures itself as a DNS server

-Check system status

  • Services
  • Firewall ports
  • Attempt recovery if those fail

-Backup and Restore

  • Local and remote database backups
  • Restore from backups created by itself


The documentation is a powerpoint that shows visually how these tools are configured and tie together:


Here is the current image:


SHA-256: A2B579B059F14EBCFF998163B484805B7D28F785453EC75A56BE806AED5E4817




First off, Security Farm is very flexible. RT is built to my idea but can be adapted to just about any situation.

Security Farm is built with the following team layout that I envisioned and to be part of a bigger picture; the SESOC™.

Eventually I will write more on this, but for now here is concept diagram:

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